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To give the people who seek healthy, safe and carefree life a 5-star quality setting for dining comfortably, the founder of "Cooper Restaurant Co., Ltd." have continually tried. Then, we succeed in formally creating the brand of "VeGood" aiming to "meticulously select the organic, embrace health and benefit people".
The 1st Asian flagship restaurant of "VeGood" was set up in SHOWTIME, Wenxin, Taichung.
The founder of "Cooper Restaurant Co., Ltd." owns his organic farm and works with a dozen “Tse-Xin Organic” and “Chengda Agama” certified organic farms and further collaborates with the "AI agricultural technology" of National Tsing Hua University to have seasonal and fresh ingredients delivered directly to "VeGood" as fresh ingredients to allow people to enjoy delicate vegetarian foods.
In line with its motto of "organic, natural, regimen, healthy, delicious, creative and refined", "VeGood" designed its unique, delicate vegetarian foods by selecting over 30 seasonal organic produce items that are "free of chemical residue or heavy metal pollutant" and prepared with least oil and salt by applying the essense of Chinese, Japanese, French and Italian cuisine to preserve the foods' original flavor and nutrition.
Worked with local reading circle and seminars and launched the 'Lady Day' to have more cultural exchanges and interactions with "VeGood's" consumers.
"Cooper Restaurant Co., Ltd." was awarded exclusive distributorship from "Ougaku K.K. of Japan" and "Japan WHB Healthcare Inc." in Taiwan to introduce rich-in-trace-element "volcanic mineral water of Sakurajima" and "gassed volcanic mineral water of Sakurajima".

VeGood's goal

With pure love, let us change, by 'eating', the Earth that is being damaged, and change the environment & health within us by 'eating'.
What VeGood's advocates primarily is to be seasonal, to listen to the the rhythm of the 24 solar terms and to follow ancestors' wisdom of enjoyment of fresh and delicious foods. To appreciate the rotation of natural time, living happily in the harmony between heaven, earth and men, and to relish the beautiful energy that nature produces.
Core value
Human being, as dominator of all creatures,
does not mean that we are superior to other species but that we should learn to treat the world nicely.
Listen to the voice of our body, follow the natural rhythm in which everything grows, and eat seasonal, whole foods.
Refrain from overcooking and excessive condiments to avoid causing burden to Earth and ourselves too. Make the distance between the origin of organic fruits & vegetables and the table as short as possible. Reduce carbon footprints by starting with delivery straight from the farm.
Eat good foods and drink good water to fuel our body, heart and soul positively. While eating for our own good, contribute to Earth's sustainability as well.