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Double Bon Cafe'

Double Bon Cafe'

Single Origin Coffee
Selection of high quality 100% Arabica coffee beans from all over the world​
Elegantly enjoy high-quality simplicity ​ Feel the pleasure on the tip of your tongue☕​
B002 Colombian Coffee Beans
Colombia is rich in production and is currently the third largest coffee producer in the world.
Medellín is located in the northern mountains of Colombia
fertile soil and abundant rainfall,
Created the high-concentration taste of the beans in the Medellin producing area,
They are all harvested by hand and washed with water, so that Medellin beans have a unique fragrance.

Medellin coffee beans:
full grain
full of nutrition
moderate acidity
better balance
Intense aroma, soft and smooth taste
B001 Ugandan Coffee Beans
Uganda is located in eastern Africa, a country with lush green forests, wetlands and rivers rich in water resources.

Coffee is the largest crop in Uganda, earning the most foreign exchange, and ranks among the top ten coffee exporters in the world.

The coffee flavor of Uganda has a deep aroma of ripe fruit, like the taste of red wine,

Thick body, rich aroma and rich taste.